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7330 Sycamore Canyon Blvd. #3
Riverside, CA


rachelle fawcett owner

Rachelle Fawcett

Owner & Founder of Empire Cheer & Stunt

Rachelle, the founder of Empire, has an extensive and impressive background in the world of cheerleading, dance, and athletic coaching. Her journey began in 2007 when she joined Riverside City College (RCC) as the Cheer and Dance Director. From the program’s inception, Rachelle dedicated herself to its growth and development, transforming it into one of the premier Junior College Programs in the nation.

Under her leadership, the RCC Tigers achieved remarkable success, earning a reputation as the “Big Screen Team” due to their frequent appearances in television and movie productions. Notably, the team contributed to major motion pictures like “The Way Back,” “Battle of the Sexes,” and the upcoming Netflix original movie, “Moxie.”

In 2023, the RCC Tigers secured a significant victory by capturing the NCA Collegiate National Championships in Daytona Beach, FL. This achievement highlighted the team’s dedication and excellence in their field. In previous years, the Tigers consistently demonstrated their prowess, ranking 5th in the national polls during the 2019 College STUNT season.

The 2020 season showcased the Tigers’ dominance, with an undefeated record and a notable #1 ranking in the West Conference. This exceptional performance included victories over esteemed universities such as CBU, Cal Poly, ASU, UC Davis, Concordia Irvine, and Vanguard University. The legacy of success extended beyond the field as well, with the 2019 class producing three College All-American STUNT athletes.

In 2020, Rachelle’s passion for athletic development and coaching led her to found Empire. Since its inception, Empire has grown exponentially, now serving over 500 athletes. The program has earned a prominent reputation as the largest club stunt program in the country, consistently clinching victories at tournaments, championships, and national events.

Empire’s All-Star program achieved remarkable success in its inaugural competitive year, securing several titles that showcased the program’s dedication to excellence.

Rachelle’s personal journey also includes her education at the University of Utah, where she received a degree while on a baton twirling scholarship. Her personal accomplishments span a wide range of disciplines, from STUNT, Cheer, and Dance to Baton Twirling. Her exceptional talents have taken her across the globe, performing and entertaining audiences in countries such as Japan, Peru, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and across the United States. She has also lent her expertise to various spirit organizations through staffing and judging roles.

With a commitment to safety and excellence, Rachelle holds safety certifications, is a member of the College STUNT Coaches Association, and holds certification as a USA Cheer coach. Her impact is evident in the success of her alumni, who have earned STUNT athletic scholarships at multiple universities across the nation. Rachelle’s dedication, expertise, and passion continue to shape and elevate the world of cheerleading, stunt and athletic coaching.

Ariyana Law

Ariyanna Law

Gym Operations Manager
All-Star, Stunt & Tumbling Coach

Sophia Elias


All-Star Program Director
Stunt & Tumbing Coach

Shawna Seyler

Stunt Program Director

  • Riverside City College Cheer and STUNT Assistant Coach- 6 years
  • Coached RCC to a 2020 UNDEFEATED College STUNT Season
  • Certified USA Cheer, College, and Youth Coach
  • Member of College STUNT Coaches Association
  • Member of STUNT Officials Association
  • Competitive All-Star Cheerleader and Power Tumbler- 12 years
  • ACCAA Safety Certified

Emily Moore

emily moore

Stunt & Tumbling Coach Tumbling Program Director

Destiny Rodriguez

staff placeholder

Stunt & Tumbling Coach

Summer Heidler

staff placeholder

Tumbling Coach

Sam Panczak


All-Star & Tumbling Coach

Kennedy Gant

Tumbling Coach

Gahel Gomez

Tumbling Coach

Desiree Freeman


Tumbling Coach

Jessie Bell

staff placeholder

Stunt & Tumbling Coach


staff placeholder

Cheer & Tumbling Coach